Client Testimonials

"Over the past many years my husband and I dealt with three other professional financial advisors, two of which were senior management in their respective firms. Although none of those experiences were “bad”, our experience is that the service which Arnold Machel provides us is far superior to all previous. The differences include how he looks at the big and small picture of our finances and point in life. For example, a few years ago he suggested that, as our three “children” had all finished university, it would be a great idea to start saving for weddings, and that by putting aside $250 twice per month, we wouldn’t miss the money, but it would quickly amass a sizable sum, which he invested in a low risk fund, cashable at any point. The result is that today, when we need them, we already have enough funds to pay for two weddings. You can imagine the financial stress that relieves!" -  

Both my husband and I are self-employed, and from his personal experience Arnold has a keen understanding of the risks and rewards of this. He has helped us to structure our planning so that we know exactly what financial milestones we need to accomplish to be able to retire with a reasonable income.

During the previous few years when my colleagues were losing money on their investments, ours continued to perform well, and at times, in a stellar manner! Arnold has our business for life. We trust him implicitly…he builds his business on his clientele knowing that he acts with unquestionable trustworthiness. We have recommended him to family and friends, and all are very happy with the service he provides them." - Diana – President – client since 2012

"Arnold gives me a no nonsense overall picture of where I stand, and what I could be doing. I don't always take his advice but I always listen. His no pressure way of doing business is also appreciated. I feel that he has my (our) best interest in mind in all he does and recommends." - Keath - Driver - client since 2009

"He makes the time to talk to me when I call (I don't live locally). He is very patient, kind, and carefully considers all options before making suggestions to me. He has invested very wisely for me, and has stretched what little money I had out to cover far more than I had ever expected. He does what is in MY best interests. I have recommended him to friends and will continue to do so. I can't think of better hands to place one's money into. I appreciate his humility, his integrity and his honesty. He is a genuine, caring man." -Taryn - Retiree - client since 2002

"Arnold is extremely patient. He takes time to explain things I need to know in a way that I understand. I really appreciate his openness and frankness." - Diana - Retired Nurse - client since 1995

"Before dealing with Arnold I was trying to do it all myself. My investments were too technology centered, instead of a diversified portfolio. Now I'm on track. I know I have someone regularly reviewing my finances and periodically updating me and recommending things to me, based on my personal circumstances. He truly cares about me and my finances as much as (maybe even more than) I do." - Jeff - Project Manager - client since 2004

"We like that Arnold takes the time to clearly answer our questions and explain our alternatives. He lets us know what our options are, which ones are best and why. You can tell he really loves what he does." - Phil (lawyer) and Pam (home maker) - clients since 1996

"The thing we appreciate most about Arnold is his honesty. He has always been up front with us in all our dealings. This honesty, and his personal morals, have made him a trusted friend and confidant.” - Bill and Moira - Retirees - clients since 1995

"I came to Arnold because I was unhappy with the attention I was getting from my previous advisor. He recommended to me some minor and some major changes which we implemented and which have since had a huge impact on my finances. Arnold gives me the attention I deserve and is patient in explaining things to me. I didn't realize all the opportunities that I was missing out on until I talked to him and made the move. I wish I had done it much sooner." - Karen - Retired Teacher - client since 2005

"What I like most about Arnold is his willingness and ability to explain things clearly and in such a way that I understand them. He is very approachable and makes a point of working with my wants and needs rather than being pushy about something he wants to sell me." - John - Nuclear Medicine Technologist - client since 1995

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