"After years of having Visionvest manage our retirement funds prior to and during our retirement, it has proven to be our best investment decision. The markets have been up and down and yet we can sleep at night knowing we will have the funds we need as time moves on. Arnold and his Team are excellent communicators with professional interpersonal skills and customer service. They listen to us, respond promptly and fit in our schedule; we don’t have to fit in theirs." - RON KUBARA


"Arnold is our go-to person for financial advice. We appreciate his knowledge, positive attitude, and patience when explaining complex options to us in a very clear manner. Over the years we gained some great insight into how we can & should plan our financial future and retirement, that suited both, our goals and risk tolerance. Awesome & personalized service from all staff at Visionvest Financial. It is a pleasure to deal with them !" - GRAZYNA CHERNOFF


"I always enjoy talking with and conferring with Arnold. He has been my financial advisor for many years, and I trust him. I find him to be honest, caring, and full of integrity. I would (and do) recommend him to others with whom I am talking. He certainly has done a great deal for me." - TARYN EDWARDS


"We have been with Arnold and Visionvest for over 17 years and have found him to be knowledgeable, trustworthy, and professional. I would highly recommend his services as he has always taken the time to ensure that our investments were managed with concern and care." - MIKE JEPPESEN


"I have used Arnold as our financial planner and advisor for over 15 years and trust his advice and guidance. I have full faith that his team are diligently steering our retirement ship in the right direction, weathering the many storms and navigating dangers to ensure we have a safe and comfortable passage to our golden years." - BRAD ARCHIBALD


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